our book club reads happy books!


on January 22, 2012

Our book for January was “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. The book was my suggestion and the meeting was at my house. I’m a fan of Tina’s and really enjoyed the book. But I was feeling a little pressure as the date approached. How to make this meeting as fun as our December holiday extravaganza,complete with delicious pot luck refreshments, crafts, and the sharing of our favorite holiday books? I’m no fool, I can’t compete with stickers and stamp pads!

But I do enjoy a theme when I’m hosting an event.  As I read “Bossypants” I kept a lookout for refreshments to fit the “Bossypants” theme. Tina’s Greek – Greek food? Beyond my area of expertise. She grew up in the Philly area and now lives in New York – soft pretzels & bagels! Certainly my area of expertise – go to the store and buy! However, that menu seemed a little carb heavy.

I searched in other directions for ideas. We would holding a little “book shower” for our PPYT (pregnant pretty young thing), maybe I should decorate in a shower theme? Didn’t seem quite right. A children’s book theme, that’s it! Decorate the table with classic children’s book and stop obsessing! Three refreshments: 1 sweet, 1 savory, and 1 fruit.

With 48 hours to go it hit me: I had missed it – Tina had handed the theme to me on a silver platter in her book and I had completed overlooked it. The Peter Pan theme for her daughter’s birthday party.  It was perfect – it was a theme  to the book and also worked for the book shower. I would buy Peter Pan decorations, decorate the table with Peter Pan books, and stay with the menu I had decided on.

The only problem was one that Tina herself had warned me about: there are no such thing as Peter Pan party decorations. She made do with Tinker Bell & Captain Hook. I felt my obsessive compulsive impulses kicking in – surely I could find them, maybe Tina just didn’t look hard enough. I took a deep breath and gave myself a talking to: “You are crazy, this is not important. you may not have to shoot a scene with Oprah or imitate Sarah Palin, but you do have important things to do! You may go to one store and you must settle for what you find there!!”

Alas, Tina may have found Tinker Bell and Captain Hook, but I only found Tinker Bell. I found myself torn between Pirates of the Caribbean, generic pirate, and checking out 1 more store…I asked myself what Tina would do… and got the generic pirate.

As usual, book club was fun, relaxed, and low-key.

The next morning I heard about the disaster on the Italian cruise liner. How many of you, like me,  were thinking of all the theater geeks, manning the life boats? Hope they all made it home.


5 responses to ““Bossypants”

  1. Stacy says:

    I did not know starting a blog was on your list – and am so impressed with anyone who ticks an item off their list! I have to say – I disagree on whether or not you can compete with stamp pads…It seems if you decorate a table in a beautiful theme – and use “layers” in your decorating (I am not even sure what to call the beatuiful towering display since I have never tried one!) you will totally impress our happy crowd. The crowning glory of beautifully illustrated childrne’s books certainly iced the cake.. have you mentioned how many teachers are in our happy book club. They drooled! No competing allowed – but I am excited to see what Beth will have for our next meeting! Thanks for hostessing Pat – as always, what a wonderful evening of female companionship and interesting discussions! Oh – and I also thought of who manned the life boats! life has such irony in it!

  2. Betsy says:

    Hahaha…certainly not about the boat accident itself but about thinking about all of the entertainers organizing and manning the lifeboats!
    Thank you for a fabulous evening… I always feel energized for reading when I leave… unfortunately it is not the best time in my life to get in all of the reading that I want to do… but I know I will have those times again and look forward to them.
    We certainly have good people, conversations and food! I look forward to more of our “fun book club” evenings!!
    See you all soon!

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