our book club reads happy books!

“Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand”

on January 27, 2012

Okay, so I tried to write about out May book pick, “Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand” by Helen Simonson and I bored myself. Yes, this was one of my picks. It was on the New York Times Best Seller list, a book club favorite and on many “Best Books of 2010”  lists.  Maybe that’s why I ended up feeling a little like I did after watching the movie “The Descendents” – it was good, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

From what I remember,  I probably liked it best of the group. Some people didn’t even finish. Oh well, we learned the downside of our strategy of picking books that no members read before. I don’t think it was a bad book, just not what our club was looking for.

Rather than dwell on books  past, I’ll tell you about a book I just finished for a different book club, “The Inn at Lake Devine” by Elinor Lipman. I’ve read a couple of her other books, and always enjoy them. I always seem to forget about her  though what it comes time to recommend book.

I thought “The Inn at Lake Devine” was delightful. The story line was slightly preposterous, but I didn’t care. The characters were funny and likeable (except those who were funny and unlikable) and I thought the leading man was charming.  Definitely an author I think we should consider for our book club. She definitely passes the happy, optimistic, fun test!


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