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“Make new friends, but keep the old…”

on February 22, 2012

“the one is silver, and the other, gold”. I guess this classic Girl Scout song sums up the theme of “MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend” by Rachel Bertsche.

I recently read a review of this book and I did cringe a little bit. Another one of those books where someone decides to do something (cook, be happy, be Oprah, be spiritual) for a year, and then write a book about it. It’s a trend  I have mixed feeling about it – like everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon. But here’s the thing – I kind of like them. Call them a guilty pleasure.

When I read the review the subject matter intrigued me, but I resolved to just say no. However, browsing the digital catalog for an e-book to read I saw it was available, and quickly downloaded it. I have the same problem with M&Ms – I can’t say no.

Rachel is recently married and new to the city of Chicago. While not completely without family and acquaintances, she misses her BFF’s and wants a close friendship in Chicago. The book chronicles her resolution to go on 52 “girl dates” over the next year.

The books addresses a subject I have often thought about. They say the most common fear people have is speaking in public, but this must be pretty high on the list. How many people have the guts to go up to a relative stranger and ask if they want to be friends? (OK, she rarely did precisely that, but she did put herself out there in some awkward situations.) To me this takes much more bravery than cooking French cuisine (Although you have to be pretty brave to eat some of that food from Julia Child’s cook book!)

My take away from the book is that most people are receptive when you make an effort. And continue to make that effort with your oldest friends – they ARE gold.

Has the book changed my life? No, but it did make me think. Within days of finishing the book I had 2 experiences that I could say were influenced by the book.

I had been contemplating  for a while the etiquette of “friending” my daughter’s future mother-in-law. The bridal etiquette books don’t address this question yet! But now, I figured what the heck, go for it. She accepted in 5 minutes.

At work the other day I was talking about business matters with a woman that uses the library for a monthly sewing guild meeting. Instead of sticking to business, I mentioned my interest in sewing and got an immediate invitation to join the group.

So I’ll give this book I thumbs up – it’s a reminder for me that most people are nice, and it pays to make an effort, with both old and new friends.

Maybe they need to start Girl Scout troops for middle-aged women!



4 responses to ““Make new friends, but keep the old…”

  1. Stacy Kutner says:

    Oooh… that sounds like a girl scout troop I would enjoy! Let me know how to sign up! I am intrigued and will have to try the book!

  2. Does one have to earn patches or sell cookies in these troops? Or can we just show up for meetings for the snacks?

  3. I’ll sew on patches, but I don’t want to be cookie mom!

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