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It’s Sadie Hawkins’ Day!

on February 29, 2012

Also known as Leap Day. Do people still call it Sadie Hawkins Day, after the “Lil Abner” cartoon character? In “Lil Abner” all the eligible bachelors ran away from Sadie and the one she caught became her husband. So popular legend says this is the day a woman can ask a man to marry her. Kind of a “Ladies’ Choice” dance of a lifetime!

In leap year, we get an extra day in the calender a bonus day. I think if it was truly an extra, we would get to do anything we want to with it. How often do we ask the question “this is extra, what should I do with it?” My answer wouldn’t be work, or clean, or cook. I wouldn’t even  ask a man to marry me.  I would sit at home all day and read a book, of course!

What do you think would make great Sadie Hawkins’ Day Reading?

“Gone With the Wind” immediately comes to mind. I had a slight obsession with this novel (and movie) when I was a teenager, but I haven’t read it in decades. And Scarlett O’Hara is certainly a girl who knows how to go after what she wants! A little long to read in one day though.

A book I have a slight obsession with as an adult is “The Time Traveller’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger. The first time Henry met Clare she knew she would marry him, but he didn’t. How did she know? Because Henry told her! Intrigued? Well, as the title suggests time travel is involved. I would never have read this book if my sister hadn’t highly recommended it to me. It sounded too science-fictiony to me (which I guess technically it is). I find people love or hate this book, but for me, it speaks beautifully of the nature of love, marriage, and longing. A word of warning: it most definitely doesn’t pass the “happy book club” test. I cry my eyes out every time!

How about “Little Women”? Only this time Jo will say to Laurie: “You know you love me better than that spoiled b****, Amy! Marry me instead!”. Isn’t that what we all want every time we read it? But wait, isn’t that what  Scarlett said to Ashley in “Gone with the Wind”? It didn’t  work out incredibly well for her. Oh well, I guess Louisa May Alcott knew what she was doing. I keep re-reading it, hoping for a different outcome, and loving it all the same.

What about you, if you had an extra day to sit and re-read a favorite book, what would it be?


3 responses to “It’s Sadie Hawkins’ Day!

  1. Trish says:

    This may seem silly, but I love Charlotte’s Web and I used to read it every once in a while. I haven’t read it in quite some time, but it’s an easy read (being a kids book and all) and it just made me feel good. Time Traveler’s Wife is a good one, too! Love knows no bounds, even through the dimensions of time! *SOB!*

  2. Bill Rooney says:

    I thought Feb. 29th was Sadie Hawkins day, too, but in doing a (very) little research, it seems that Lil’ Abner held Sadie Hawkins day in November, for some reason. But there is a connection to Feb. 29th — apparently there’s an old English tradition for women to do the asking on Feb. 29th.

    I loved the Time Traveler’s Wife. I like a story that is well crafted like that one, and it doesn’t really feel like science fiction. I think I read it twice. Or am I thinking of “Memoirs of an Invisible Man”?

    • I know Sadie Hawkins Day was originally celebrated in November, but I have often heard leap day referred to as Sadie Hawkins Day also. Next thing I know, you’ll be telling me “Leap DAy Williams” isn’t really a thing!!

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