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Tracks of my Tears…or, Better than a Stick in the Eye

on May 5, 2012

Here I am, on the eve of my second Broad Street Run, filled with anticipation. I’m a little nervous, but not as nervous as usual. Here’s why:

This last week before the  race hasn’t been the best in terms of race prep. Rain every morning this week kept me from getting in the runs that I wanted to. I know I’m supposed to taper, but it was getting a little ridiculous. Finally, Friday I got a few good miles in, came home, jumped in the shower… and then the fun began…

What I at first thought was a little shampoo in my eye, turned into an all day event that ended with a visit to the emergency room. I drove to work with what felt like an eyelash in my eye. Tried getting it out at work – no luck. Tried to help patrons – could barely see the computer screen for all the tears running down my face. Kept telling patrons – “Really it’s not pink eye, I have something in my eye!” I used up a box of tissues mopping up the runny eye and nose. At lunch time I ran out and bought eye drops and more tissues – no luck. Finally at 2:00 I gave up. I wasn’t really working – just dabbing my nose and eye and grossing out everyone around me. I left work. Ok – here’s the scary part: I drove home holding my right eye closed. Somehow made it home safe. Laid down with a cold compress on my eye and took a little nap. Woke up – no luck. By now, I was frantic, I had to get this eye to stop tearing, not to mention the pain of what felt like a grain of sand in my eye!

As lame as it sounds, I had my hubby drive me to the emergency room. They examined my eye and saw a pinpoint that could be either a little grain of something, or an abrasion. The nurse flooded my eye with eye wash. No luck – the pain was still there. She sent me home with Vikodan and instructions to see a opthamologist in the morning.

But here’s the thing…

I kept thinking about Broad Street. As one of the  nurses was leaving for the night everyone was wishing her luck at Broad St. The nurse who was treating me talked about how much fun she had when she ran Broad St. The patient in the bed next to me mentioned that her son was running it.

As the nurse sent me home she asked if I had any questions. I just asked how long it would take to heal. She said there’s no definite answer, maybe a week. My husband asked the question that I didn’t want to ask because I knew the answer.   “She’s supposed to run Broad St. Should she?” The nurse gave me the answer I knew she would and then explained all the reasons why it was a bad idea. But as a Broad Street veteran, I think she felt my pain because she added, if you’re just doing it for fun, and not running for a time, and use common sense and quit if you start feeling too bad, you can try it.  Then she added professionally, “but I would not recommend it.”

So I went home, feeling not much better. I was determined to run, but didn’t think I would bother if I was still in the same condition. I went home, put my eyedrops in and took my Vikodan. As I fell asleep to Action News showing film of runners picking up there race bibs at the expo I  said a little prayer that the next day my eye would be miraculously better…

… and it was! The eye was still a little swollen from all the irritation the day before, but it got better and better as the day went on. And I knew as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning that either  the “grain of sand” was gone or the abrasion had healed, but my prayer was definitely answered.

No tears today! Just smiles that we’re ready ro run!

So, I’m not too nervous tonight. Just grateful that my prayer was answered and  happy that I’ll have a chance to be out there running tomorrow – running down Broad Street! Now that’s better than a stick (or even a tiny little speck of sand) in the eye!


3 responses to “Tracks of my Tears…or, Better than a Stick in the Eye

  1. Stacy says:

    Saw the picture of you and Trish post race on Facebook – congrats on another milestone.. or should I say.. 10 milestones!!!!! And glad you could actually see the finish line as you approached it!

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