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“Gonna Fly Now, Flyin’ High Now”

on May 7, 2012

Yes, they actually do play the “Rocky” theme song at the beginning of the Broad Street Run – even  for the people who start all the way in the back like me. What other song could they possibly play at the beginning of a 10 mile run through Philadelphia?

After all the drama leading up to it, the race thankfully went smoothly.   I pushed myself, because I really wanted to improve my time from last year, but I also tried to appreciate the experience.

Because it certainly was an experience. Close to 40,000 people with one common goal. The diversity of the people running was amazing – every color, shape and size  were represented.

As I ran, I read the stories so many people had pinned to their backs. Sometimes just a name, sometimes a charity, sometimes a picture. Like the young woman who ran “for Papa Bear, you will always be with me.” It made me so grateful, that at the age of 55, I still have my Papa Bear, and my Mama Bear too.

And the spectators were tremendous! There wasn’t an area where there wasn’t someone there to cheer you on. But the last two miles – that was something else. There were crowds of people and the noise was loud! People were shouting and ringing cow bells and making me feel like a super star. My least favorite cheer: “only two more miles!” I guess it’s the “only” that bugged me. But then I heard a man shout out “you’re doing it!” This is my favorite cheer to use when I’m a spectator at a race, and it was so nice to hear coming from the crowd. Heck yeah, I was doing it!

 I have such admiration and respect for the super athletic people who finish in less than an hour, but I also have admiration and respect for the people I saw as I was leaving the Navy Yard. I had finished my race, but they were still running. Some overweight, some limping, but not giving up, persevering to the end. Heck yeah, they were doing it too!

I finished the race strong, 1 minute faster than last year. After meeting up with the rest of our group and finding out that everyone had excellent races, it was time for a post-race brunch. Yum! A great way to celebrate. Then it was home for a shower and a nap. Because as great as it felt to run those 10 miles, it felt even better to lay down and take a nap!

Mission Accomplished!


2 responses to ““Gonna Fly Now, Flyin’ High Now”

  1. Trish says:

    Woohoo, we did it! I was grateful to run WITH my Mama Bear! 🙂

  2. Bill Dowis says:

    It was a fun race on Sunday. Broad Street is always good for spectator support and that is one of the reasons I like it.

    And yes, the Rocky Theme is a must at all Philadelphia races. Marathon weekend usually has a Rocky look a like and of course people running in the red white and blue boxer trunks and gloves. LOL.

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