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“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

on June 11, 2012

As promised in my last post, I’m updating you on my top secret project. No, I wasn’t engaged n international espionage, I was decorating a cake, something I had vowed never to do again. But if you’re lucky, you get one 80th birthday. And if you’re really lucky, you’re husband of 59 years throws you a surprise birthday party, complete with live music. It seemed like an occassion to come out of retirement for.

My Dad asked me to bake it because years ago when my children were younger, I always decorated special cakes for their birhtdays. I retired from decorating cakes several years ago. It’s a messy business! I found other activites that I enjoyed more. So when my Dad asked me to do it, a small part of me wanted to say no. But I knew right away I would say yes. If anyone would appreciate a home made and decorated cake it would be my Mom.

The new technique I tried was fondant. What inspired me to try this? I guess the design I wanted to make. Really, how hard could it be – just go to A.C. Moore, buy the fondant, color it, roll it, and throw it on the cake, right? Well, I made the mistake of going on the internet and researching fondant and found out a lot ofpeople thought store bought fondant tasted like chemicals. Not good! I’m a person that prefers cake that you can actually eat!

Thus began my weel long adventure in fondant. What did I learn? You can make fondant a week in advance, but shouldn’t put it on the cake until a day before you’re going to serve it. That fondant is sticky, sticky, sticky! And thank goodness my husband still likes to get involved in my projects! I couldn’t have done this one without him. I won’t get in to all the gory details, but every step along the way was challenging, even the ones i thought would be easy.

But all’s well that ends fairly well:



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