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Dress Up!

on September 3, 2012

This weekend I did one of my favorite things – dress shopping! More specifically, dress shopping for people who aren’t me. I went dress shopping with my daughter and her bridesmaids for bridesmaids dresses.

Ever since she was a baby, I have loved buying dresses for my daughter. I was sometimes too extravagant in my purchases, but when I saw a dress that I just loved on her, it was hard for me to resist. And I didn’t try too hard! When she was little, I rationalized by telling myself that she would grow up soon enough and be picking out her own dresses (or maybe she would turn into one of those girls who hates dresses and refuses to wear them!). But I created a girly girl, and we still going shopping for dresses. She’s smart enough to know that if she tries on a dress I love on her, I will buy it!

I trace all this dress obsession back to the “saga of the green dresses”. When I was very young, my Mom bought three matching (olive!) green dresses for me and my two older sisters to wear for Easter. I wore  those three green dresses until I outgrew each of them. I don’t remember how I felt wearing it that first Easter, but  I know how I felt after repeated wearings- I felt they were the ugliest dresses in the world, and I felt that color green was the ugliest color in the world! When I was able to buy my own clothes, it was a very, very long time before I bought green!

I thought I had a picture of my sisters and I in the infamous dresses, but I guess my Mom has them all. Can’t imagine why I left that photo behind!

After we were  finished bridesmaid dress shopping, though, I got to thinking of another set of matching dresses, and this was a much happier memory. When I was young (8 or 9?) my aunt got married, and all of us kids were invited to the wedding. It was the first wedding I ever attended, and it is still a vivid, happy childhood memory. Of course my Mom (the matron of honor), had to figure out how to dress eight kids appropriately for a wedding. What she did was make 5 matching dresses for the girls (my youngest sister either hadn’t been born yet or was an infant).  She made them in white eyelet, but each of them had a different color underneath. Mine was purple – and that remained my favorite color for a very long time. I probably had to wear my sister’s blue and pink ones at some point in time, but it didn’t bother me. I remember thinking that purple eyelet dress was beautiful and being so proud to have a Mom that could make something like that.

Here’s a picture:

Feeling pretty in purple!

So it was a fun day watching 3 beautiful girls try on beautiful dresses. And it was nice that they all looked great in the same dress and seemed happy with the choice.

Now it’s on to my epic hunt for a dress for the wedding! It is not nearly as fun as shopping for someone else, but I’ll try to enjoy the process. I’m looking for a happy dress for a happy occasion. I’m trying to  ignore the great- grandma dresses in beige and putty – I’ll even take green over those colors!


2 responses to “Dress Up!

  1. Trish says:

    Tear! You’re my favorite dress-shopping partner! (Always honest, and you know my style!) I love that picture of you! Those bangs and toothy grin look so familiar!!! 🙂

  2. Stacy says:

    Pat – you definitely deserve to feel beautiful in your purple dress! What a cutie. So glad you are enjoying the wedding festivities.. and I am with you – a happy occasion deserves a happy dress! I wore yellow to Lauren’s and LOVED my dress – plus with all the picture taking, you def need to look and feel your best (which means I have a sneaky suspicion you will not be wearing olive green!)! I went to Bloomies (a sale of course!) but heard that K of P has a fabulous selection also! If you need a friend or 2 to shop-a-long I know some book club members who just might be available!

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