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Old White Woman Problems

This past week was book club and the book was “White Girl Problems” by Babe Walker. Instead of talking about how much I disliked this book, here is my tribute:

White Girl Problem #19 

 When you say, “Get a job, ” I hear, “I hate you.”

Old White Woman Problem #19

When I said I retired, I meant, “I got two different jobs and please let me sew feather boas to my grandson’s Halloween costume so he looks even more adorable.” Relaxing is for really old people!

White Girl Problem #13

It’s 5:15. How much weight can I lose by 8:00?

Old White Woman Problem #13

It’s October. How many pair of Spanx should I buy to fit into the dress for my daughter’s wedding in April?

White Girl Problem #9

I hate my horse.

Old White Women Problem #9

I love my dog, even when he bugs me. I’m taking a lock of his hair to the carpet store to match my new rugs to his fur. XOXO

White Girl Problem #5

My vagina is bullshit.

Old White Woman Problem #5

My whole body is bullshit!

White Girl Problem #3

Who am I, and when did I gain a pound?

Old White Woman Problem #3

Who is that old woman in the mirror, and when did that happen to her face?

White Girl Problem #1

All I want for my birthday is for you to know what I want for my birthday without me having to tell you.

Old White Woman Problem #1

All I want for my birthday is for you to know what I want for my birthday without me having to tell you.


Better Late than Never?

Wow, I can’t believe it is two weeks since our book club meeting and I haven’t posted anything about it yet! Yes, sometimes life gets in the way of my fun!

This month’s book was “The Keepsake” by Kristina Riggle, about 2 sisters: one a hoarder and one compulsively neat. Of course the obvious question was, “who are you more like: the hoarder of the neat freak?” I think we all agreed that we were (luckily) somewhere in the middle, but had a tendency one way or the other. If  I had any doubt which way I leaned (I didn’t), my trip up to my attic today confirmed it. I must throw all that crap out! Soon!!!

The meeting was at my house and I definitely felt the pressure – that refrigerator scene was an inspiration! I was determined that no matter how the rest of my house looked, the frig would be clean. And it was! Yay – books inspire me in so many ways.

Since I had so much fun thinking of it and making them, I’ll show you some pictures of my refreshment table. I did a messy/neat theme of course!

Messy or neat – two of my favorite snacks!

And here’s a random thought from the book club discussion – I don’t think we should chuckle anymore about my obliviousness to my son’s health problems – when he woke me up a couple of nights later and said he had to go to the hospital,  I finally got it right and took him right away. It was indeed an emergency, but he is doing ok and will hopefully be better soon.

Also, here’s an update about a couple of authors from a previous book club that I believe most of us read:

Gretchen Rubin’s new book “Happier at Home” has been out for about a month. We read “The Happiness Project” and I think we all enjoyed it. Has anyone made any lasting changes in their lives due to that book? I think the only one I made was this blog, but that’s ok, I think it was a good one.( I also think it was from Chapter 1 – maybe I should go back to Chapter 2 and see what other fun changes I  make!) Anyway, I will check out her new book too.

Rhoda Janzen also has a new book, a sequel to “Mennonite in a Little Black Dress”, called “Does this Church Make Me Look Fat?” I think we all liked her book well enough, but for me personally, it was a case of te right book at the right time. I read it at the same time I was diagnosed with breast cancer and her struggles and humor really helped me through a tough time. I will be checking out her new book to see what happened next.

Hope you are all finding some entertaining reading too!

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