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Christmas with the Krafts

on December 14, 2012

 Holiday Book Club Party! Yeah!!

In the midst of other holiday celebrations these past few weeks, Wednesday was our 2nd annual Holiday Book Club meeting. Once again it was a very glittering affair! And when I say glitter, you know what kind I’m talking about.

These year we actually read a book for the meeting – “Skipping Christmas” by John Grisham. It was a quick, fun read, and we actually spent a couple of minutes discussing it. While we understood wanting to skip certain aspects of the holiday (spending all that money!) we agreed that maybe the Kranks carried it a bit to far. Come on – put up the snowman already! What’s the harm?

Then it was on to the really important stuff – food and crafts! Everyone brought delicious treats to share. We ate and then got down to our true purpose – crafts!

Once again Stacy supplied us with an extravaganza of craft projects. Her craft room  is very like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag – everything you could possibly need is in there! In honor of the Kranks, we created snowmen:

What a fine display of craftiness!

What a fine display of craftiness!

After pretty much following the rules with our first craft, we all really got into the spirit with our fun foam snowmen. Just like a snowflake, no two were alike: 

Fancy  Snowgirl available on Etsy. $15, free shipping

Fancy Snowgirl available on Etsy. $15,free shipping

We ALL did a great job with our snowmen!

We ALL did a great job with our snowmen!

Thanks Stacy, for hosting and planning this fun night for us! It was a relaxing evening –  talking, laughing, and doing simple crafts that made us feel like kids again.

As I write this tonight, I am reminded of the families in Connecticut who will probably be skipping Christmas this year, and realize how lucky I am to be able to celebrate with my family and friends.



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