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Engaging Company

on February 26, 2013

So I was watching the Oscars the other night, and a clip featuring the late Nora Ephron caught my attention.  Nora commented, “I think the hardest thing about writing is writing.” Who am I to argue with Nora Ephron? It made me realize that my procrastination last month had nothing to do with lack of time, and everything to do with lack of motivation and ideas. So I took it as a verbal kick in the pants to “just do it.” Of course it still took be another two days to sit down and write, but at least it has been less than a week since book club – much better than last month.

For our February book club we decided to get back to our “happy” roots and, in honor of Valentine’s Day, read a romantic comedy, “The Sleeping Beauty Proposal”, by Sarah Strohmeyer. I thought it was a great choice. It was a quick, happy, funny read and I think everyone enjoyed it. We all agreed that the perks of being engaged were kind of unfair – why do only brides and pregnant women get to register? Although I have been seeing a commercial for registering for a Dodge Dart. Sign me up – now I only have to convince those near and dear to me to finance my next car! Not very likely! If you want to try your luck, here’s the link:


We also enjoyed some delicious refreshments, thanks to our first time hostess, Debbie. In honor of the setting of the novel she went with a “Boston” theme for the food, which included Boston Creme cupcakes and a bean dip which I forget the name of, so I will just call “Boston Baked Bean Dip Deliciousness”. Yummy – thanks Debbie!

Try to keep the good feelings going as you read next month’s selection, “Gone Girl”. While it is a very dark book, I found a lot of it very funny, in the tradition of “War of the Roses”. (Am I convincing you this book belongs in our happy book club? I’m trying!!).

If you need a break from Nick and Amy, go out and register for something – remember to take your brand new engagement ring with you!

What a Rock! Does this mean we're all engaged to you , Pat?

What a Rock! Does this mean we’re all engaged to you , Pat?


One response to “Engaging Company

  1. Stacy says:

    you realize I was planning to NOT read this book.. and now.. well I did like War of the Roses… not loved, but at least liked our understood. I figure I will let the girls go first… so let me know daughters.. can mom handle Gone Girl… now, have to go check out that link- do you think there is also one for a good gas mileage SUV – cause I would like to register for one of those.. in Tiffany Blue!

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