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Hello Old Friend

wedding quilt
I felt like a little bit of a pain in a butt when I asked my daughter to lug this quilt I made for her around on her wedding day so we could have pictures taken with it. When I saw the photos, I was happy I did. But little did I know what other repercussions would result.

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from an old high school friend who had seen the picture when she was at the dentist (aka my sister!). Would I like to go to Hershey and attend “Quilt Odyssey”? The sun came out, the angels began to sing, are schedules coordinated, and I quickly replied yes.

This past Friday, on one of the most beautiful days of the summer. we set sail on our Odyssey (ok, we drove, but my car is a boat!). I had not seen Mary in about 25 years. A couple people asked me if I felt nervous about going on a road trip with someone I hadn’t seen in so long. I am a person that gets nervous about most things, but not about this. What I remember most about Mary is how fun, funny, smart, and drama free she was. And saying that about a teen age girl is saying a lot.
This is what I remember about the genesis of our friendship:
At the end of my freshman year in high school, they held try outs for the next year’s musical. In previous years, all members of the Glee Club were automatically in the chorus. I joined Glee Club with the sole motive of getting in the musical. However, when I got to auditions, there was a new director and everyone had to audition! Yikes – my instinct was to run.  The only person I knew there was Mary, who was in most of my classes, so we were sitting together. As we were filling out our audition papers, I noticed Mary filling up her page with a long note. I asked her about it and she said she was basically begging to be part of the show, she didn’t care in what capacity. Sounded good to me – I did the same. The less said about the audition, the better (15 bars of Hello Dolly!). Mercifully it was short. They called the names of those called back and said everyone else could leave, except the following people: you guessed it! Mary and my names were called, and we were assigned to stage crew. One of the best summers of my life followed, painting, building sets, and building a friendship with Mary. I had a best friend and she had a best friend and the four of us were an inseparable unit throughout high school.

What a day we had Friday! We talked non-stop on the way to Hershey.

We got there and checked out the gallery of quilts on display.
Here is Mary with one of her favorites:

maryHere’s my absolute favorite:

quilt blue

After we had seen everything in the exhibit, Mary demonstrated that she still has what it takes to get what she wants by politely getting us a seat at a crowded restaurant with a 30 minute wait in under 2 minutes.

Then it was on to the good stuff: shopping! What a time we had! Inspired by the birth of my first grand nephew the day before, I bought a light of juvenile panels:

caterpillar numbers

Of course I couldn’t pass up the “Gree Eggs” panel.  Dr. Seuss and I have a special relationship!

seussWe shopped till we dropped! We went home with new tools, new fabrics, and new inspirations. My goal is to improve my machine quilting. Mary’s goal is to buy a new sewing machine and complete some projects in progress. And we both have the goal of not letting another 25 years go by before we get together again!


Beatriz Williams

Thought I would share this link, since it is next month’s book club author.


Have a great day!

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One Post, Two Books

  I don’t know what it says about my life they I never got around to posting about the June Book club meeting. Some people might say they were too busy, but I know it is closer to the truth to say I haven’t given enough priority to the right things.
And how bad is it that I had to look at my calendar to remind myself of not only what we read in June, but also what we read in July?!
June: “Seating Arrangements” by Maggie Shipstead. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much about the discussion. I do remember sitting on Kathy’s beautiful patio enjoying delicious refreshments and fun conversation. And really, isn’t that what book club is all about? I do remember that I didn’t really like this book. Didn’t like or care about the characters and was kind of bored by the story.
July: “Looking for Me” by Beth Hoffman. I really like this author and the book had very interesting characters that were fun to talk about. Beth Hoffman’s characters and settings are so vivid.

I was disappointed that I didn’t follow through with my idea to have a craft component to the evening, especially after everyone commented how the book gave them the urge to paint a piece of furniture!
In the spirit of craftiness, I will share a project my husband and I completed over the 4th of July weekend:

Awesome thread holder!

Awesome thread holder!

In truth, I can’t remember what valuable contributions I made to the construction of this besides saying, “hey, do you want to make this for me?”. Well, I did pick the color…

As someone (Stacy!)said to me recently, “Pinterest is the devil”. I think my husband wholeheartedly agrees! But I really need to clean and organize my sewing room. So far my thread is organized! Baby steps!

In spite of the mess, I have been plugging away at my goal of finishing some quilts. For all you BHS Drama fans, here’s a quilt I started a couple of years ago – finally completed!

BHS Drama Quilt Front

BHS Drama Quilt Front

I used the back of the T-shirts with the cast lists on them for the back of the quilt:

BHS drama quilt back

On to the next project!

Since it has been so long since I posted I am making this post extra long. Here are two books I read recently that I really enjoyed:



If you are a fan of Lauren Graham from “The Gilmore Girls” and “Parenthood” (I am!) you’ll enjoy this fun, optimistic book about a young woman struggling to make it as an actress in New York.

“Tigers in Red Weather” is definitely not as light-hearted,but it is a good story, beautifully written. And how great is that cover?This book  made me want to sit on a hot beach with a cold martini – a good summer read! What good books have you read lately?

Hope you’re all having a great summer!