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A Taste of Summer

on August 12, 2013

Is there a food that just says “summer” to you?


I had my first tomato sandwich of the summer yesterday. As always, it took me back to my childhood summers, when I would have a tomato sandwich almost everyday, with tomatoes picked from one of the tomato plants growing outside our kitchen door.

I was shocked early in our marriage when my husband told me he was never allowed to eat tomato sandwiches. He was told “put some meat on that. Tomato sandwiches are for poor people.” Who knew!

When my son saw me making my sandwich he commented, “you could make a BLT with that. That’s just a T. ” But it’s not. Each bite is a memory of summers of the past.

Now, as then, I ate my tomato sandwich on toasted white bread with mayo, salt, and pepper. Now, as then, I ate it with a book propped in front of me so I could read as I ate.

Thanks for the delicious tomatoes, Pat!


4 responses to “A Taste of Summer

  1. stacy says:

    Poor people my auntie! Tomato sandwiches were a staple for this Jersey girl.. and I have had at least 4 already this summer.. as soon as I saw the Jersey tomatoes had to have one! With mayo.. on white toast (don’t tell) though no salt or pepper on mine, a glass of Ice Tea is a must!!!!! I promise next time to add book reading to the tomato sandwich menu.. can only make it more fantastic! Now, just have to go find a neighbor with some ripe tomatoes.. lazy me did not plant them this year!

    • Pat says:

      Come on down to Stephenson’s, they are at their peak. If reading while chomping tomato sams’ I recommend DiBruno’s book of cheese, new to the BCFL this summer. Then you’ll have to take trip to the Italian Market to get Good cheese to go with the tomatoes…..

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