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Goodnight June

A couple of weeks ago was Book Club. Our book was Goodnight June by Sarah Jio.

Everyone seemed to enjoy this fanciful account of the origins of the classic children’s book, “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown.

I thought Norene’s email summed up the night perfectly, so I hope she doesn’t mind that I add an excerpt here:

“You all missed a great book club meeting last week … a few of us traveled all the way (haha) to Philadelphia, PA in the Northern Liberties section.  It literally took us maybe 20 minutes to get to Trish’s house and she made it a great night!!  We also planned to hopefully get together when the movie Gone Girl releases and have a Girls Night Out at the movie theater, which is scheduled to hit the theaters October 3rd.”
The refreshments were yummy! In keeping with the Italian restaurant theme of the book, we had some antipasti and delicious biscotti from Termini’s bakery. Sometimes its worth it to make the trip to the big city!
We also had a Book Shower for Trish, which was fun. The new baby already has  a good-sized TBR (to be read) pile!
I’m only bummed that I forgot to bring this little gift that I bought months ago, specifically for an occasion like this:
Oh well, she’ll get it eventually. I better get on the ball and  get better at this Grandma business!! It won’t be long!
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Happy Holidays!

I wanted to take a minute to wish every one a happy holiday – and since one of  my favorite, super geeky Christmas decorations is book related (of course!) I thought I would share it with you.

For the past few years, I have been using three of my favorite Christmas books to set up a holiday display:

book display

Here’s a closer view:

The Polar Express

The Polar Express

The Grinch!

The Grinch!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas

That isn’t Linus’ blanket around the tree – although it is as well-loved! Can you guess whose it is?

Next year I hope to kick my display up a notch. This should do the trick:

lg book tree

or this:BookTree4

Or even this:

little book tree

Wishing you all comfort and joy this holiday season!


Ummm Ummm Good!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we were thankful to get together for our monthly book club meeting!

Our book was “The Forgotten Garden” by Kate Morton.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the book (those who had read it!), but we agreed that while it was very well written, it was a little long.

For me, it  brought back memories of “The Secret Garden”, one of my very favorite childhood novels, and one I have read many times. So it was a nice surprise to have the author of that novel, Frances Hodgson Burnett, pop up as a character in this novel.

We had a special treat at this meeting – Beth made us soup. No it wasn’t Morgy Broth like William made Nell (thank goodness – turns out that’s some kind of fish stew with Worcestershire sauce in it!). Instead it was a choice between carrot  (my choice – delicious!) and beef vegetable soup, along with yummy bread, fruit , cheese, and cake. What more could you want on a chilly November evening? A crackling fire, exciting news about twin grandbabies, and catching up with friends? Check, check, and check! Another successful, happy book club meeting. Thanks Beth!

Looking forward to our annual holiday get together next month!

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“Let the Wild Rumpus Start”

  What a wonderful legacy the Caldecott Award winning author Maurice Sendak has left. He died today at the age of 83 and I couldn’t let the event pass unnoticed.  He has written and illustrated so many great children’s books, including “Where the Wild Things Are“, which of course I read to my children.

But the fondest memory I have of  Maurice Sendek is reading the tiny books of “The Nutshell Library” to my son. I was first attracted to this set of books because of “One was Johnny”.  Aren’t we all attracted to books that feature our children’s names? The rhymes in all four volumes were so simple and so fun to read – I never got tired of them.

Cover of "Nutshell Library (Caldecott Col...

Cover of Nutshell Library (Caldecott Collection)

Since it’s May, I’ll treat you to this one:
In May I truly think it best
To be a robin lightly dressed
Concocting soup inside my nest
Mix it once, mix it twice
Mix that chicken soup with rice

But my favorite by far, was “Pierre: A Cautionary Tale”. When my own Johnny was out of sorts and shouted “I don’t care!”,  I began responding, “who are you, Pierre?” He never liked it, and I never tired of it. To this day, when I hear the phrase, “I don’t care”, I think of Pierre fondly.

So it’s a sad day that we have lost the man Maurice Sendak, but his beautifully misbehaved children will live on.

‘He rubbed his eyes, and scratched his head
And laughed because he wasn’t dead.
His mother cried and held him tight.
His father asked ‘Are you all right?’
Pierre said ‘I am feeling fine,
Please take me home, it’s half past nine,’
The lion said, ‘If you would care
To ride on me, I’ll take you there’
And everybody looked at Pierre,
Who shouted, ‘Yes indeed, I care!’
The lion took them home to rest,
And stayed on as a weekend guest,
The moral of ‘Pierre’ is CARE!”

RIP Maurice Sendak and thanks for the wild rumpus!

Maurice Sendak, author of the children's book,...

Maurice Sendak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)